Did I tell you we went shooting?

On Saturday we went to a gun range in the middle of Midrand, dressed like terrorists and got a selection of various shot guns, Uzi’s, AK47’s and hand guns to pick from.  For Goose’s birthday.  At her insistence.  Because she’s so classy like that.

Tam and I sat on the sidelines and cheered everyone else on, muffled ears and all.  I was all for shooting, myself, but once I stepped into that range my legs turned to jelly and the gun thing was a bit too close to home for me to really enjoy it, so I became cheerleader and Tam & Jon joined me.  I know that guns don’t kill people, humans do, but still – I’m still rather surprised at the inner wuss I found inside me.

The boys had a blast, but none of them as much as Goose.  She should’ve been born with a penis, that one.

The instructors were something of magnificence, by the way.  With oxcents to die for, them dressed up in cammo and army boots, I didn’t bat an eyelid when I realised all the men were armed.  For every day occurances, like shopping.  To them their guns are like necklaces are to me.

We were entertained by stories of gun shoot-outs, competitive pissing competitions of who’s more badass and who gets more chicks (pronounced ‘cheeks’ in that part of the world) and collectively my thoughts were screaming “YOU’RE JUST A WANNABE!  MY BROTHER IS WAY MORE BADASS THAN YOU.  Also, he doesn’t need to carry his gun around permanently like an accessory”.

It was fun.  Will I go again?  Probably not, but the main thing is that everyone else seemed to have a blast, and that’s what matters right?

How do you feel about guns?


  1. Angel says:

    I had fun.
    For me, guns are to be respected and belong in tightly controlled sports ranges and clubs, not carried around with you when you do your groceries or stuffed under your pillow at night.

  2. Goose says:

    GUUUUNS!!! I loooove guns!!

    Seriously though, I shot for 4 years at school and we didn’t have a single injury or incident, the rugby boys, hockey dykes or even netball girls can’t boast that stat. For me, shooting is about maintaining calm, about precision and control, not about violence.

    I’m glad you came to my party friend, it was awesome spending time with you and Jon 🙂

  3. Anavar says:

    I’ve been shooting for last 6 years and it’s great. It’s very zen and I’ve become quite a marksman. Actually I’m the best in my range.


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