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Every year we have a tradition of hosting Chrismukkah at ours. It involves way too much alcohol, annoying the neighbours with noise levels and loads of laughter. It’s a mix of Christmas and Hannukah and it’s an excuse to eat in excess and celebrate the year’s end with our friends before everyone leaves for the holidays to go home to family. This year was no different – in order to steal / barter and win or lose presents, everyone has to drink shooters.

We had about 15 bottles of booze hanging out waiting to be consumed and needless to say that it took less than an hour for everyone to end up on their ears. This is all good and well when you’re having fun, but I always worry about people having to drive afterwards, so every year I ask our friends to make arrangements for a designated driver. Because there’ve been just too many horror stories in Joburg lately – women being followed home by cops, young adults being locked up for drinking one glass of wine, men being left in jail over night without any warm clothes, food or water. And to be fair that’s all really their own fault as you shouldn’t really be drinking and driving.

And we learned our lesson the very night Jon and I got engaged. After celebrating with bottles of bubbly being sent to the table, lots of shooters and a few cocktails later, I broke my own rule and decided to drive the 2km home, after having much too much to drink. And I drove straight into a roadblock. The cop would’ve arrested me had he not blatantly asked me for a bribe, and failed to receive it once he realised we had no cash, and then had his boss at the very next car and was obviously too afraid we would rat him out for asking for bribes. We got lucky, he let us go. But imagine if he hadn’t. Or worse, imagine if I’d had just too much to drink and lost control of the car. Or hurt someone else.

Too much can go wrong, which is why I’m endorsing Designated Driver, an add on service by Budget Insurance. Some of their highlights:

Designated Driver Assist is an incredibly useful and inexpensive product that you can add to any of your existing Budget policies. This service has been introduced to help you enjoy your night out as responsibly as possible. Let Budget take care of you when you are not fit to drive. By making use of Budget’s Designated Driver Assist you can be sure that both you and your vehicle will get home safely.

This product is currently only available in certain metropolitan areas: Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, East London, Port Elizabeth, and George.

Service operating hours:

Sunday Evenings to Thursday Mornings:
First pick up – 5:30pm
Last bookings –2am
Last pick up – 3am

Thursday Evening to Sunday Morning:
First pick up – 5:30pm
Last bookings –1am
Last pick up – 3am


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