Dear Sera, on your birthday.

Hello Seh.

You’re not speaking to me now, partly because you’re actually in the shower and it would be lesbian weird if you and I were in that close a speaking proximity, but mostly because you’re mad I wouldn’t do that thing for your birthday tomorrow.  But guess what, you silly cow – I did it already, long before you even asked.  I just didn’t want you to know until your birthday.  So thanks for spoiling the surprise, bitch.

Seh, I haven’t known you for very long, but I feel like you’ve been in my life forever.  In the beginning, I said to you that I wasn’t looking for a friend, I was looking for an arrangement.  But things change, don’t they?  They don’t always go according to plan.

We share lots of things, like your awesome little yellow pills for when I have a headache.  Or your crushed up peppermint aero in the Tupperware inside the fridge.  Or you hairclip when I can’t find mine.  Or your toothbrush for when I need to clean the cats little tail hairs… Only joking.  Point is, we share.  Which is what friends do.

Another thing friends do is talk.  You and I used to talk shit for hours, until you were introduced to twitter.  Now we tweet shit for hours.  It’s awesome.  And the fact that it annoys other people is even awesomer.

Friends come and they go, but not you.  Oh no, the fact that we live together pretty much brings me to the conclusion that we will be pretty much stuck with each other for a while still.  And I’m totally okay with that.

Seh, you are both funny and feisty in everything you do.  You have a generosity in you that makes me wonder if you were Jesus & Mother Theresa’s secret love child.

You are loud and determined and strong willed and stubborn.  You are strong.  And when you smile your whole face lights up.  Especially your eyes, which are the windows to your soul, really.

You are all the things you should never have been given the resources you dealt with, yet you mastered them all, conquered even more and accepted no bullshit.  I look at the way your boyf adores you and I know why.  You’re every woman.

Also, your cooking rocks my world.

Happy birthday my housemate, my ho.  I love you and yes, even your fish.  See you after work for coffee and cake at ours.



  1. Shebee says:


    There are a few things I could use to retort to a comment like that. But since we’re both awesome and like, private and stuff – I shan’t.

    Seh, Karl says humphry bumphry.


  2. jubs says:

    Happy Birthday Sez!!!
    Hope all ur dreamz come true…. and the cat pees on Sheen’s bed again! Kidding.
    hope to see yuz soon.

    Mwah Mwah

    PS: this whole lesbo thing has carried on for quite a while now… u know ur b-day is the perfect day to clean out ur closet… just sayin..

  3. sera says:

    lol thanks for all ur well wishes ppls… jubbs bout that cat pee thing i think it should happen lol im training him haha…

    today has been 1 kak day so far hope it starts looking up soon.

    thanks again everyone and btw i aint no les but sheena i aint so sure bout (whisper: she loves fish)

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