Dear Old Blog

I have been writing in my first blog the whole time I’ve been here. But I have decided to surpass puberty and switch over to the big world and be a big girl with a bigger blog. So, yesterday I decided to end my subscription with


Dear Bloggie,

I have thought long and hard about it, and I have come to a decision. I can no longer be unfaithful to you, you deserve more than this. Copying and pasting does not become either of us.
I have found another.

It is not you, dear bloggie, it is I. We have nothing in common anymore, and although you made me very happy for a while, she is better. She has a lovely pair of gigs, and her memory is swell. I am not an unfair blogger, though, you may keep all the archives we have created together, however there will be no fresh posts from here on in.

Please tell our kids, the readers, I love them, and I will pop in and take them for weekends to IMS land when I can. I would really like them to move ahead with me, to my new blog address, bloggie, but if not, I completely understand they may feel loyal to you, and you alone. Thank you for the laughs, the memories and the comments you have passed on to me. I will forever treasure you as my first.

With love, Sheena.xoxo

What a way to bring out the lurkers! I had 40 official readers daily, and the nice thing about that site was that I could read about my readers, as they each have to fill out a profile. What a stunning idea. That will be the only thing I miss. Although only 8 or 9 of the 40 actually made their presence known, it was still nice to finally get comments from most of them who didn’t usually comment.

So, big blog – its just you and me, babe. Let the good words roll and may we reek havoc!

Ps: got a confirmation email from AWLA yesterday to say they have received my work and are looking forward to being in contact within two weeks. Cross your thumbs, toes, noses and armpits please, everyone!

Chow bye.

Pps: Never. Ever. Drinking. Again. eVER. Like, ever ever!