Conversation with an old school friend (OSF) I ran into this week

OSF : “Sheena, oh my word – you look so good! I saw on facebook you have met a man? Ooh. Anyone I know?”

ME: “NO, he wasn’t from here. He lived in Durban”

OSF: “Why are you speaking passed tense, you chased him away already?”

ME: “Um, well, no – he died actually”

**silence, lots of blinking**

OSF: “Well, how is your daughter then, she must be, what, four now?”

ME: “Erm. She died too. Three years ago” (At this point I am blushing profusely)

OSF: “Good word, woman – you have the worst luck!”

Tell me about it, dipshit.

The thing about telling people these things is that no matter how they react, you will always feel uncomfortable. They could react kindly and apologise, which is the best, or they could switch to a new subject and fuck it up royally like this.

I feel sorry for everyone out there trying to not step on toes when it comes to death. Rather wait until you know the story before you open your mouth. You just cause both of us discomfort and awkwardness. This also goes to show why you should never pretend to care when you ask personal questions to someone you haven’t seen in years.

Why can’t people be more like Terrific T – who has planned to fly around under a bunch of helium balloons for her birthday party next weekend. I shit you not, I can’t make this stuff up. She is doing an experiment to see if it will work. According to her calculations (with help from the guys) she needs about 4000 balloons to lift her off the ground.

She asked me to ask you guys to think about donating some dollar to the cause, the balloons are flipping expensive! Don’t know if she was being serious about that, but thought I would give it a mention anyway.

See? My friends are fun, frivolous and freaky. I love it.

On another note, I have just realised that I have a maximum of two weeks left at work! Flipping hell! Time has flown!