Concussions, distractions and just plain waffling along

I mentioned last Friday that Kimbo decided I needed to go horse riding to clear my head. It actually worked for about five minutes. Until I decided to light a smoke ontop of the beast, and it threw me off.

I don’t think I bumped my head, I had one of those dorky hat helmut things that made me look like an ice jockey, but when I finally came round after a few minutes, I had lost memory of everything barring where I was.

The worst part about finding out why I was at Kimbo’s farm was having to hear all over again how Andrew died. It was horrific and felt like I was hearing it for the first time. She then had to explain what I was doing on a horse in the first place, and also how I even got there.

After lying down for a few minutes, and a strong cup of coffee and a few million cigarettes, my memory came back to me. It was the strangest sensation I have ever had. I knew who I was, sort of, but it felt like all the knowledge was on the tip of my tongue and i just couldn’t grasp it.

Why I’m telling you all of this, is because my headache hasn’t really gone away since the fall. I have been leaving it and taking pills, thinking I would give it a chance to prove itself as either a tension headache (lord knows I can allow myself some grace there) or if it is a side effect of the concussion.

If by lunch time it has not gone, I will take myself to a quack.

How are you doing? I need some distraction today, please. In a little while my boss is coming to see me and I have a feeling my job is on the line. DISTRACT ME!