hello friends and family!

i know you read this, I can see you clicking when I check my daily stats, so, for Mom, Nats, Lou-lou, Flea & Ash & Sammy, this is what you do to comment on my blog:

If you don’t have a gmail/hotmail/blogger account, click on OTHER after you have written your comment. It will be found at the bottom, all high-lighted in yellow for you.

It will then ask you to enter your UserName. I am so jacked up, I have even decided on names you can use:

Mom – Mam4
Nats – KipUK
Lou – Antloo
Ash – Blister16
Sammy – SILly
Flea – well, you can stay flea, cos its already a psuedonm (sp!)

There you go. No more excuses or personal messages about my writing, COMMENT HERE, DAMMIT!

I love you all very much,


Ps: For those intelligent readers who already do comment, excuse the lack of story telling in this post…