ColCacchio’s Tweet Treats

So this afternoon I was given a sign of why I shouldn’t ever play with thoughts of shutting my blog down.  Right in line of my thinking of blogging lifestyle only, I received a delivery of awesomeness.  In the form of a delicious vegetarian pizza with a twist, from ColCacchio.

I love clever campaign ideas, and this one does not disappoint.  The concept is easy, the more you tweet a certain hashtag, the more ColCacchio pizza prices get lower.  You can get up to R30 off a single pizza!  It’s social buying at it’s finest.

What really made me smile was the execution of how this campaign was told.

See the pizza as it arrives:

Griglia: Roasted Vegetables, Feta, Rosemary


I got the team at work to tuck in with me and chow down so we could read more:

Mmmmmm! Eat Sum Moar!!!!

Finally, we were able to read about how it all works:

Wala! Steps are revealed!


It’s so simple, it’s ridiculous.  Here’s how to order and bring down your ColCacchio prices

  • You feel a sudden craving that nothing but an authentic Col’Cacchio pizza can cure.
  • Tweet using the #priceslice hashtag as many times as you want to increase the discount.
  • Head to your closest Col’Cacchio pizzeria.
  • To get your discount, show your waitron your #priceslice tweet on your mobile phone and utter the magic words “Price Slice please”!



Ps: stay tuned for Groupon giveaways happening here soon!



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