Right.  So to curb all the fucking rumours – I am not moving out of The Shath because of anything sinister, lesbian, domestic or otherwise.  Basically, my new position pays a lot less than I had hoped and I had to choose between living the rockstar lifestyle, or just a normal one where all my things are paid and I have some money left over for smokes, drugs, alcohol & maybe a manwhore or two.

This does not include living in the area that I do currently.  So, because my brother is away on a top secret force assignment until Feb, Sammy his gf is living alone and is lonely and is in need of a flatmate and I’m in need of a cheaper place.  So thats why I’m leaving.  Its short notice, but a while coming, and I will miss CathCam so much, but it needs to be done.

Okay?  Could we stop the rumours?  Could we stop the questions and assumptions?  Ta so much. I’m really so tired of defending my decision.

Anyway, so in other news, guess who is being whisked away to the Midlands next weekend on a getawayweekend?  Uhhuh, me!

Oh my word I am ridiculously excited, I think I could almost cotch on myself.  Not sure if its also because I’m hating the swoonage that is creeping up on me.


  1. Amy says:

    I dont know why you would have to defend your position so much love, especially if your main motivation for moving is to save some cash.

    Isnt everybody these days in need of some extra money? Plus, I’m sure Cath completely understands, so as long as she’s still on your side who cares what everyone else says ?

  2. Shebee says:

    Jenty, don’t be jealous hon, you *know* I’m bound to come back with all the stories so that it feels like you were there too!

    Aims – I know. Some people just refuse to believe the possibility of us still being friends after this…

  3. Chantal says:

    Hi, just curious which part of Durban you’re moving to, from your posts I think you were living around Chelmsford Road, anyways lol I’m just a nosy person and like to know everything, so if you wanna say which area you’re moving to…..

    and if people are giving you grief over moving out geez what fricken wankers are they lol like whats the big deal if you move….geez ppl suck.

  4. MsBehavn says:

    I love “swoonage” – that’s another Sheenarism to try to remember!!

    Enjoy your midland-ish getaway. We want to hear all the dirty details when you get back (since you’re not allowed to take your laptop haha)

  5. Chantal says:

    lol ya I meant around there…I’m right hey?
    and you didn’t say which area you’re moving to, come on… 🙂

  6. Shebee says:

    chantal, I’ll be coming back to live in durbs eventually but for now i’ll be in scottburgh and travel thru daily. Would you like a dna sample and my id number too while we’re at it? Ha ha

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