Cheap cheap!

“I hate that you ruined cheap things for me. Before you, cheap was all I knew”, I said to Jon today.  He has mocked me for years saying that cheap isn’t necessarily better, and that cheap “usually ends up in disaster”.  Therefore, he always gets the best quality, with price only being a second factor.  Which is all fair and well when you can afford to live that way, but I’ve never had the luxury of having that luxury until the last few years.  And even then, I’m more Jewish than Jon is when it comes to spending my pennies.

He bought me a USB fan for my desk at work, see.  He bought it online a few days ago and he bought more than one because they were so cheap, and with what he was shipping back from wherever in over-seas-land, he felt that he needed to bulk up his order to justify the costs of postage, which cost more than his original purchase item.


And so today I plugged the USB fan in and six hours later, it burnt out.  Smells of burning electronics EVERYWHERE!  This made us laugh.  And immediately Jon said, “when things seem to good to be true, they probably are”.  To which I rolled my eyes and thanked him for buying many USB fans, for they would surely last me the duration of the week at least.

The way I see it, R400 bucks can get me one pair of brand shoes, sure.  But if I go to Mr. Price, I can get a pair for R40 bucks and then buy them in 10 different colours.  Cheap = I can have ALL the shoes.

Anyway, I have no idea what my point is.  Except that I used to have a USB fan for my desk and now I don’t.  Sad face.

PS: buy ALL the shoes! It’s more fun!

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  1. Bergen Larsen says:

    In the case of fashion, cheap is better because you’ll need a new one next week anyway in a different shade of “the new black”. (40 pairs of shoes for R10, you can thank me later) However, for durable stuff, I’m in Jon’s corner. Buy the best that you can afford, (fridge, washing machine, bicycle, etc) otherwise, you’ll need to spend the same amount to replace or fix later.

    That being said, buying decent shirts that will stay in style for a good few years is good. But being male, I can get away with wearing it every 3rd day (wear day 1, wash day 2, wear day 3!) and no one will think any less of me. So I apply similar thoughts to clothes and shoes as to other more durable goods. 😉

  2. Rob says:

    Get yourself one of those lovely battery operated fan+water thingies from Game. R50 or so and mine is still going strong from Christmas. It blesses me with its delicious watery spritz. Bonus points for filling it with either OJ or Vodka.

  3. Bev says:

    This just makes me think of the story where a little boy asked his dad why there were R2 oranges at the back of the store and R5 oranges at the front of the store. The father didn’t flinch and answered: “Son, it’s easy, some people want to pay R5 for an orange.” 😉

  4. Chan. says:

    But you can see it’s Mr Price clothes/shoes from a mile away, they look cheap (and tacky *cough*)….rather invest in a few quality items and it makes you look more attractive and well put together.

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