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Jon – My surprize boyfriend.  When the last thing I wanted was a relationshit, Jon forced his Jewish way into my life and I’ve not looked back yet.  Three years in and I love him more every day.

Mam – A fantastical woman who brought me up and taught me all I know, unwillingly. Shame, poor me. I gave her hell growing up, but like to think I’ve made up for it as an adult. I love my Mom, she is my ultimate best friend and now lives around the corner from me in Joburg lives on the South Coast.

DadDad moved to the wonderful land of Australia with Trace and Ash. They’re back from Oz!  My Dad’s sense of humour is awesome, one of the funniest dudes I’ve ever known. He gave me life, that totally makes him awesome, right?

Trace – my daddy’s wife, my udder mudder. My friend. An absolute asset to my family and the best partner I could have ever wished for my father, I love her.

Cam – Official step sister, but blood isn’t always thicker than water and luckily for me and my fashion designer sister we grew up as mates and have stayed that way. She comes along with her fiance husband BIL Arfur who we sometimes call Arfur.

Baboo – Oldest younger brother Brandon, who makes Mom very proud as a South African Police Officer. Survivor of a near-fatal shooting to the head, on duty.  Recovering paraplegic who now walks with only a slight limp.  Also known as the favourite child. On a mission to conquer all females between ages of 17 and 25.  Do not apply within.

Jarry – Cam’s biological brother, my step one. Jarrod holds his own in many ways and always provides sexy mates for me to perv over. Sensible family member. Poor dude, he’s the only one.

Dazz – the third youngest brother who is mad about animals and created his room into a petting zoo with things like Tarantula’s, bearded dragons, several sorts of snake and every imaginable edible insect, rodent & worm for his slimy, scaly & ugly friends. He’s now a Game Ranger at SA’s fanciest game lodge.

Ash – youngest step sister from my dad’s remarriage. With us in one place at the same time there will never be a dull moment, and I often have to rest my tummy muscles when she’s gone as all we do is laugh together about anything and everything. We have our own language called Beanshlee. Its one of those things you just have to be there for.

Wokkie – the baby in the family. Born into the family as a laat lambtjie when I was 14, he is a play station champ and the apple of all our eyes. At only 14 years of age, he is the most well versed in dirty songs taught to him by older siblings and can hold his own with any adult. An absolute delight.

B – my kindred spirit in so many ways, yet all different to mine. If I had met her in another life I don’t know how we would have struck up a friendship. B is everything I am not. Domesticated, friendly, cooks terribly and a mother. The surving mother of our joint pregnancies. Also birth oven to two of my three god children, Nikki and Cullen.

Cath – my ex-housemate, soulmate and sharer of womb in another lifetime.  We’ve been in each others lives forever, we just didn’t know it.

Rozz – Jon’s girl bff and now one of mine.  Rozz is elegant, sophisticated and a business woman I wouldn’t want to mess with.  She’s crept her way into my life and I’m so glad she did.

Bergen – The friend who introduced me to Jon and provides endless entertainment, musing and intelligent company.  Also happens to be Jon’s life-long boy bff.

Kiera – My late daughter who was born 3 months too early on the 7th of September 2003. She passed away on the 4th of April 2004 due to lung damage caused by a disease known as Broncho Pulminary Dysplasia which was worsened by sever pnuemonia just before her 8th month.

I’m very lucky to have these people in my life and each one of them blesses it in some individual way. I wouldn’t change my crazy family for the world and I adore my friends to the end of the earth. I’m especially lucky that each one of them allows me to blog about the intricate details and stories we sometimes share and am ever grateful that I have their support in the good and bad times.

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  1. cath says:


    Cath – my housemate, soulmate and sharer of womb in another lifetime. We’ve been in each others lives forever, we just didn’t know it.

    love how you say this. so true. X

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