Will be a lot quiter online from now on. A shift at work will have me busier than usual (good shift, not bad) and also EVERYTHING but banking and google programs has been banned at work. Joy.

I’ll be reading you still. Expect emails instead of comments. My blog will be updated at night too, so don’t panic if you come here in the morning and nothing new is up.

Ok cool. Back to my cave, I go.


  1. B says:

    ow.. you are going to be hurting with only google and banking.. you could always change your new theme to look like FNB and then at least your site will be allowed?? ,,,,lol.. just a thought ,,, hahahaha

  2. expensivemistakescheapthrills says:

    dude i feel your pain. remember my months of internetlessness?

    will catch you on gaytalk whenever you’re around.

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