Changes. And stuff.

I know my blogging has been the suck lately.  I know that in being a blogger you are expected, nay, demanded to interact with other bloggers on their blogs, and I know that in this I have failed you.

It’s not that I don’t love you, or think that I’m better than you – it’s all Google Reader’s fault.  It’s so easy to just scroll through blogposts on my reader.  What would take me 5 minutes on your site, takes me 30 seconds through my reader.  But I realise that your ego is as big as mine and I solemnly promise to visit you soon and *gasp! shock!* leave a comment as proof.

Things over the last few months have been chaotic as you know, but slowly I’m piecing myself back together again.  I have missed you.  Truly.  Like an ache in my little pip, I’ve noticed the absence on my blog which is purely my own fault.

Also, I’m going to be redesigning almost completely.  And, I’ve got almost 2000 posts now.  And! I cut all my hair off!  Woo!






  1. Michael John Grove says:

    Leave a comment on my blog… Good golly Gosh… I think for that to happen I actually need to post a blog post first… 🙂

    And I must agree with @sleepyjane – you hair looks great.

  2. MsBehavn says:

    Your life has been kinda hectic lately so your silence has been excusable. But now that it looks like you’re back, you better comment dammit!

    And I also like the new hair, Shee!

  3. SheBee says:

    SleepyJane – thanks lovey, I wasn’t sure if it was cut short enough at first, but it’s growing on me now.

    Michael – *ahem* no comment. (Update your blog already!)

    MsB – ooooh you saucy minx you, i’ve been reading your delicious little tittybits. You are so shexy!

  4. Hardspear says:

    Well yeah, from your posts it is mighty evident that your life has been more than a bit hectic the past few months. Still think you have a great blog.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Miss you pumpkin lol hair looks awesome you might have inspired me to look at changing my mop of hair into something a little more stylish ….

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  6. Goblin says:

    Digging the hair!

    I’m guilty of this too. I’ve been uber bad at commenting on people’s blogs lately – I just haven’t had the time!!!

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