Change of plans. No biggie.


Today I found out that there was an oopsie with my original deal at work, and they miscalculated a whole month of leave in my favour, which means that now in addition to using up all my annual and sick leave, I’ll be tucking into even more of my maternity leave before this boy child even arrives.  Which, if he only arrives when he’s supposed to (please G*d), means that unless I extend the maternity leave period I’ll only have just over two months with him at home before I have to go back to the office.

Even though this is absolutely nobody’s fault, I am so damned frustrated at this ridiculously unjust turn of events. Why couldn’t this thing have just gone accordingly?  Is 9 months of normal pregnancy too much to ask?  I did everything right! Why does it feel like I’m being punished for just wanting a child to love?  It’s not cool.  It’s not fun. It’s not fair.  Why me? Why? And, actually, why Jon? He did nothing wrong.  He does everything right, always.  He’s the most fair and kind and reasonable and just person I know in this world.  And he’s being punished too – emotionally, mentally and financially.  Because hell, we probably would’ve been able to carry ourselves through a maternity period of only 33% of my normal salary under normal circumstances except, HELLO, WE WENT AND BOUGHT A GIANT HOUSE FOR ADULTS, DIDN’T WE?

Speaking of, we have to move in 20 days.  I haven’t really given it enough thought as I probably should have.  I think I’m in denial.  But, if anyone wants to volunteer to coming to help unpack our house at the end of the month, please do.  We won’t say no.

There.  I have finished my tanty and have accepted my fate and will be going with the motherflocking unfair flow.



  1. Laura says:

    Meh! What a crappy time 🙁 Sorry chick! But you know this will pass and your baby will be here and all will be right with the world again.

  2. Cassey says:

    Gah. Laura is right, but man does it suck for you guys. Soonish though you’ll have a little guy for cuddles to help make it all seem better.

  3. Kerryn says:

    This may be useless advice, as you may have already considered, but have you approached your “big debt” institutions like home loan, car repayments and long term insurance and asked them if you can just “hold” your payments for a few months? You may need to catch up on payments when you have a proper income again, but that may be better than cutting your maternity leave short.
    I’m sorry that this is happening 🙁

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