Change is good. Change is constant.

Things around me are changing. And I’m more aware of it now, than ever before. Its like a vibration under my feet, and it is getting more insistant by the day. Yes, I think its time for a change, for the first time in years, I actually welcome it.

New relationships, new hobbies, new routines.


Bring it on!

Getting home late last night had me opening up the gate in pouring rain. My puppy dashed out to say hello and when I wouldn’t let her wet self into the car she sprinted down the road. I chased after her, not thinking to close the gate, and the three other bloody dogs ran out too just as I finally caught Susie.

It took about twenty minutes to get them all back inside, and only after I had woken the entire neighbourhood’s dogs, and looked like I’d been swimming in a muddy pool.

I walked inside stripping off my soaked-to-the-knees beige pants and jumped into the shower. Not sleeping for over 48 hours had finally hit me, and after one quick late night phone call, I put my head on the pillow and crashed.

I feel like a brick-layer in Bagdahd this morning. Achey, tired, cold & hungry!

This weekend must just get here, I’m looking forward to sitting on the couch with a certain sexy male and doing absolutely nothing.

ASIDE: Some one googled me, well, SheBee0709 anyway. How random? Why not just come here and see what I’m about for yourself?!

People are strange.