Challenges & ice cream cakes

It’s been a difficult week.

On Monday last week Jon and I woke up to a fraudulent transaction that had gone through on my credit card for R10500.  I didn’t authorise it and the bank didn’t pick it up.  Even though it happened at midnight on Sunday, and it was for a website payment to or something.  Of course I had to cut up the credit card (well, Jon did) and report the whole thing and hopefully the money will be refunded.

On Friday, I go to the post office for the umpteenth time in two weeks to hopefully fetch Jon’s birthday present ordered online over 2 months ago, it didn’t arrive.  Great.  No birthday present for my boyfriend.

On Saturday I was shopping in Fourways Mall and felt a tug on my handbag while in the queue.  Looking back, I saw a lady behind me with a bunch of clothes and coat hangers over her arm so I assumed something had hooked onto my bag and didn’t think about it again.  An hour later, I reached into my bag to make a call and my iPhone 4s was gone.  GONE.  That whore, she pick pocketed me!  And what a mission that came afterwards:

  1. Go to Vodacom, report phone stolen
  2. Staff casually shake their heads and mumble about ‘yet another one today’
  3. Do a sim swap to keep my number
  4. Insert sim into ridiculous little Nokia (a phone with actual buttons and a non-QWERTY keyboard?  Not fun!)
  5. Go to cop shop, report theft
  6. Get drilled by police like I’m the criminal – “but you just said you last saw it at 12:45, now you’re saying 12:55.  Are you sure you didn’t just lose the phone?”

The good news is that despite the above, yesterday’s lunch with friends to celebrate my old boyfriend turning grey and wrinkly 32 was so cool.  We had such a good afternoon and found the perfect venue to entertain with friends.  Also, look at the ice cream cake I had made for Jon as a silly surprise:


  1. acidicice says:

    Fudge! That fraudulent transaction and stealing of the phone would be enough to send me around the bend! Sorry babe 🙁

    The ice cream cake does look awesome though!

  2. Chantal says:

    Sheesh what a shitty week! how everything happens all at once hey.

    Impressed with your cake, so sweet 🙂

  3. Dawn says:

    What’s so silly about the ice cream cake? I had an icecream cake on purpose as 1 of my 2 wedding cakes. Best idea ever! 😀

  4. Chris M says:

    Holy crap babe, that’s absolutely awful! Between all of that and my roof being about to cave in, it feels like we each need a GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK card.

    The ice-cream cake looks like a good second prize though 🙂

  5. cybersass says:

    ok, we could have a toss-up as to who had the worst shitty week, but you *might* win – though i still have international packages totalling way too much money, which should have arrived and still haven’t, so…
    totally crap about the iphone though – i would lose my whole life if that happened (crossing fingers and everything else). did you have the “find my iphone” app installed?
    i think we all need a GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK card, as chris m suggested. we deserve it. xxx

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