Cat Rescuer to the Rescue!

It’s been a bit of a hectic few days.  On Friday morning my mom called me and decided she was missing me and considering flying in for a weekend.  An hour and a bit later, she called me again.  From the airport.  Fast forward to a few hours later and I was lost in Sandton, screaming blue bloody murder at my GPS who was telling me to make a left turn, MAKE A LEFT TURN, MAKE. A. LEFT. TURN. where there was no fucking left to turn to!

We came home, got dressed to the nines like Sandton kugels in leopard print and pleather for Jacqui’s Over The Top birthday dinner at The Blues Room:

We didn’t want to have a too late night because I was quite excited for the next day, it was a charity thingum with 1600 orphans from Soweto.  We arrived just after 7am and packed about a millionty seven burgers for these kids and when they finally arrived after ten thirty, my mom and I made our way through to fetch our group of about 200 kids.

Immediately my heart melted.  All these beautiful little children playing, singing, dancing and clammoring for attention.  All of them so full of life.  All of them with more sadness in their history than most adults.  All of them unwanted by their parents.  I caught myself getting a bit emotional, how can so many people be so irresponsible with their own children?  It’s so unbelievably sad.

Within no time my mom and I managed to be adopted by a few little girls.

Precious little things, they clung onto us the whole day.  And when the entertainment started that afternoon, they were so little that my mom and I held them in our arms so they could see.  ALL BLOODY DAY! I can barely feel my arms as I type this. One of the girls (next photo) fell asleep on my moms shoulder:

Then, today, we were on our way to have lunch with Anglug and right in the middle of Witkoppen road was a terrified little ball of fluff, wimpering and cowering away from all the traffic.  My mom and I were in my car, Jon in his in front, all of us slammed on breaks and pulled over.  I was the closest one to the kitten, and she ran across the road and under my car, and then climbed up right into my engine. Crap.

By now there was a backed up line of cars with pissed off drivers, a few spectators and a baby cat all over and up in my engine.  We jacked the car up, nothing.  We called the kitten, nothing.  It was stuck up in there.  Eventually one awesome dude on the road called Vusi climbed right under the car and managed to grab onto the baby’s tail and pull her out.  It took about 45 minutes and a lot of Jon’s determination to save the kitty, but eventually she was safe in my moms arms.

We arrived at Anglug’s eventually and planned to take the kitten to a haven but Angel fell in love and not surprisingly, they’ve decided to adopt here.  Read more about her here, with pics.  They need help choosing a name for her, I voted Ginny.  I think you should too :p


  1. flarkus says:

    I probably wouldn’t hold my pose amongst those chilluns. Good on you all for making the effort!

    And I vote “Macky” for the cat’s name (as in “mechanic”!)

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