Cars cars cars.

There’s nothing quite like the post-wedding-blues.  Like, what’s it all mean?  What is life even about now? HOW AND WHAT ON AM I MEANT TO SPEND MY TIME?

My heart: just chill.  You don’t always need to run towards the next big thing ohmygahdjustrelaxandenjoy.

My brain: Buy a new car, maybe.  Trade the Audi in for something with iOS7 compatibility, perhaps? Why spend my moneez on a super expensive sports car that I can’t even sync to my iPhone?  Really, it’s stupid.  Also, as much as I love my car, I don’t love the debit order that goes with it.  If I could choose, I’d want to keep my A3, but be able to plug in my iPhone and have my calls via bluetooth and my music as a playlist, but pay at least 2k less.

Right now as I tweet, I’ve got a bunch of dudes advising me on which car I should replace it with.  And here’s my super informed and well researched response to their suggestions:


Holy schmoly THAT’S THE CAR EDWARD DRIVES! #TeamVampires

Lexus IS350:

Sooooooooo pretty.  Sooooooo expensive.


Never gonna happen ever.

MINI Cooper:

As much as I will always have the softest of soft spots for MINI, it just doesn’t suit my lifestyle plans right now.


Love to, not quite ready for that leap just yet.  Also, see reasons above about moneez.


So help me, internetz, what car would you replace an Audi A3 with, if at all?


PS: Husband, do not perish from perspiration and anxiety.  Am just looking.  With my mouse on the internet. *side eyes*

PPS: I’ve only had my A3 for just over a year.  In the interests of full disclosure I thought I’d mention that.


  1. Michelle says:

    I am so glad to see your response re BMW. (Not a fan AT ALL)
    My husband drives a volvo S60 and before that had the S40. LOVE #thatisall. My car crush though is the XC60 but I love SUV’s. V40 is all the rage though and is actually quite affordable for what you get. A big selling point for us was the amazing maintenance plan as well as the safety stats on the brand.

    Lexus is pretty too.

    My husband wants the Jag F type but there’s barely space bread and milk never mind kids and handbags and luggage! O_O

    Have a look at Jag? There are some really affordable ones and have it on good authority that early next year Jag is bringing out a “cheap’ car that is the equivalent to Merc c class in size.
    Anyway, that’s my 2c. I am an Apple fan and a volvo fan. 😉

  2. Angel says:

    Okay, the Ford Kuga is at the top of my list, but for affordability I’d go Ecosport.
    Its a sexy small SUV with plenty room for kidlets and groceries, fantastic fuel economy, comfort, and its hot enough for your Jon to drive without feeling like he’s driving a mom-car!! And you can connect your and Jon’s phones to the car with bluetooth!

  3. Laura says:

    In response to Angel – the Ecosport was too small for me – so if you are planning a bebe or two then I would definitely go with the Kuga – just ignore the price!

    For a more affordable option Hyundai have a lot of really nice options!

  4. Rene says:

    After our wedding we diagnosed ourselves of suffering from PWSD (Post Wedding Stress Disorder). Lots of sitting around and not knowing what to do with ourselves.

    As for the car. I’m a very big Honda fan.

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