Cape Town, in essence thereof

…is a fucking cool place, okay?  The roads are smaller, the mowwwwwntin is everywhere, the ocean is cool.  There’s a vibe of instant chillaxation thats whacks you in the face the minute you touch down.  I honestly can’t think of the last time I was this at peace with the universe.

Everything just seems so easy here.  It all falls into place and I have been at one with the mother city from the minute I arrived, which surprised me since I was so apprehensive of being back in this town before I got here, for various reasons.   More than that though, I’ve always felt that Capetonians are the best, they go out of their way to try convince a person that their city is the best at welcoming, the best at having a mountain, the best at having cool restaurants with decks on the beach and the best at making coctails.

Look, the coctails so far are not really any better than what I’ve experienced back home, but the people?  They’re priceless, especially the ones I’ve spent time with over the last 24hours.  You all know how I love Suetjie, and that I met up with my Someone Else, which was so divine to do finally.

Tonight though?  Tonight I met in person for the first time someone who has turned out to be one of the greatest buddies I’ve ever made.  I should be a little star struck since he’s been on TV and radio and is in the papers every week, but I’ve gotten to know the person behind the name and he’s just so fucking cool man.  Also, he happens to have a stunning lady that I think I could be friends with despite him being in the picture or not, so thats cool.  Could have totally gone South for him and I being mates if the girlfriend and I clashed.  It’s just how these things work, so thats a good thing.

Anyway.  Coctails, platters, me choking on water laughing so hard, red toilet basins and being kicked out of the restaurant by a Gareth Cliff look alike.  Great company, awesome evening.  I’m so stoked all over the place right now.

This is honestly such a great weekend, and the bonus is that it feels like a Saturday but its not!  Ahhhh, thank you to Sue and Big Mull and Talfer and Chris M and Janel and The Forge and of course, my Someone Else for enabling me to have a much needed and well appreciated weekend away in esCape Town, my favourite Mother City, aside from my home town 🙂


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