The end of the long weekend and it was time for me to go back to the farm. As I packed my bags and sipped the last of my tea, Carrot’s best friend waited in the doorway to carry my luggage to the car. I held the door open as he chucked the bag into the car and started playing with the radio volume while he faffed about outside.

At the robots I noticed Theo looking back with a frown on his face, one ear cocked to the side as if trying to listen to something. Turning towards him, I waited to see what he was after. Raising one eyebrow, he turned down the radio and looked at me, and then to my luggage. It was buzzing.

You know when you start blushing uncontrollably, even though you’re not guilty? Yeah, I did that. I knew exactly what he was thinking. “I think you should, um, check your bag. The batteries might run flat”, he sniggered.

No matter how much I “oh-my-god’ed” and “it’s-not-what-you-think-it-is’ed” he roared with laughter to the point where he had to pull over and hold his ribs. After thirty seconds of being laughed at, I climbed over the front seat to unzip my bloody bag, determined to find out what it was (knowing I did not have anything suspect at all!) and pulled out a buzzing purple culprit of plastic. It was my new vibrating toothbrush.

A fucking toothbrush! Honestly!


  1. Louisa says:

    Hahahaha! SheBee I can totally relate – mine once went off on a flight from CT to JHB and the airport people took the liberty of opening my sealed bag for a look-see. Since then I just remove the batteries when I go somewhere.

  2. flarkus says:

    Few things bring as much pleasure as the feeling of them just-brushed teef, right? Right?

    Riiiigghhhhht… 😀

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