Burn In Paris.

Only, it really should be ‘Burnt in Parys’.  What a weird little place.  Went there for Jon’s decision to sit himself on a weird ass boat with 20 other people and paddle for all their might to launch towards a floating flag in the middle of a bloody mud puddle river, to see who could win and race faster.

Eina, bliksem!

Went dragon boat racing yesterday.  Well, I watched other people dragon boat racing, puffing & going red in the face under the heat of the sun and in stinky green water whilst I sat on the river banks under a tree drinking and chatting to the other girls watching the boy men doing their thing.  Except the tree was a wannabe and the sun had it in for me.  Check my tan.  Nice one hey?  Skin cancer, here I come! Was a fun day though.

I miss my dad.  And Shlee & Trace.  A lot.

Had dinner with Angel & Gluggie on Friday night.  Was so nice to catch up with them outside of the blogging meet-up’s.  We bought Gluggie a belated birthday present, since I couldn’t make his bday bash as it fell on the same weekend as my sisters wedding.  Check out what happened JUST as I was about to hand it over to him:

Fok, prawn!

Fok, prawn!

Actually, I can blame Jon for knocking it out my hand as he went to hug Angel.  Silly monkey, he’s gained all my lost clumsiness, its whoresome in so many ways.

I love my new home also.  My big ass bedroom is almost tiled now, I’ll be moving downstairs in the next few days.  Yay, me!  Went shopping last week and spent a small fortune on bathroom and bedroom goodies.  I’ve done up my bathroom in technicolours – pink, blue, orange, green & yellow.  To even it out I am redoing the bedroom is predominantly white, with black, grey & charcoal finishing.  Like scatter pillows, rugs & throw-over’s and whatnot.

I love it a lot!

And now I have to run so that I can make a 2pm deadline.


PS: is it weird to ask your partner/lover/person not named Jon at all if they still… you know, choke the chicken?… spank the monkey? Is it? Is it weird? Hey?


  1. cath says:

    DUDE! you and i BOTH know that even in a relationshit, men do totally have Mrs Palmer over for lunch. No need to ask even, just expect it and insist they think only of you.



  2. Shebee says:

    Snort! No you have it all wrong, I don’t expect anything less! I’m just asking if it is weird for me to ASK about it… like, isn’t that supposed to be taboo?

  3. CC says:

    I think its totally normal for people to still masturbate while they’re in a relationship. Why stop it? Would you mind if he still does? I don’t think you should at all, hopefully you’re just asking out of curiosity.

    Where’s the pic of you in your halloween outfit, still waiting 🙂

  4. CC says:

    oh saw your reply in the comments 🙂 lol its not weird to ask, I’m a very curious person and like to know anything and everything, you should ask, heck I’d ask my guy friends who are in relationships that if it crossed my mind, no biggie.

    It’s also totally normal for guys to fantasize over other women but I would never want to know who they think about.

  5. Shebee says:

    Hee hee CC, I’ve just mailed the boyf again to ask if any pics have been released. I’ll post the minute they’re up I promise.

    Also, I like your comments on the self loving QT.

  6. Angel says:

    SO sorry bout the sunburn babe!
    It was very cool to see you and your other half on Friday night. It was a really lekker evening.
    I can’t wait to come and see the new pad all finished and sorted!
    And I don’t think its too weird to ask… as long as you don’t go all crazy when you hear the answer 😀

  7. Shebee says:

    Po – very sore boobies! My back & shoulders are worse though. Silly me.

    Jenty – well I suppose if it was going to happen to anyone it would have to be me!

    Angel – nope, I think its totally normal, I just wanted to hear the answer for myself – I have no idea why.

    Gobby – don’t be silly now, of course I flick the bean – I’m far too awesome not to.

  8. Amy says:

    YOu’ve posted so many photos of your sunburnt self over the years – and you still havent figured the benefits of sunscreen. Tsk, tsk….

    Other than your potential skin cancer, your weekend sounds great. And i think its normal to be choking the chicken, but yea, maybe awkward of you to ask…

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