Bulletpoint high-lights…

… for the weekend:

  • Driving up Thursday afternoon suddenly, at the last spontaneous minute, to Jo’burg
  • Having cocktails in (somewhere?) with The Glugs and his Angel on Friday morning some time
  • Spending the afternoon with a glass of wine, curled up on the couch chatting
  • Cooking breakfast on Saturday morning in hosts gorgeous kitchen
  • Meeting up with Kimbo to drive back in her newly acquired convertable
  • Feet up on dashboard staring at the early night stars
  • Having my name screamed all over 5fm by the DJ who played our requested song and warned his listeners to look out for two Durban chics causing chaos all the way back to their own city driving a convertable on the high way
  • Getting home after an 8 hour drive only to shower and change into nightclothes and hit the clubs
  • Being proposed to by some random. On his knees. What a dork.
  • Sharing the sunset on the beach on Sunday afternoon with my 10 year old brother holding my hand
  • Sleeping in after a too-busy weekend with my fluffly pillows and cooled room. Nothin beats your own bed.

It was a good one, how are you?