Bugs are breeding in my body!

Well, in my throat and chest, to be exact. I have bronchitis. My throat resembles a piece of salami. Really divine looking. Sorry about the abstentia yesterday, folks. I couldn’t get online.

Anyone know what number to call to fix Telkom ADSL? Help please, I think it might have been struck by lightning, or is on strike because I use it to much. Or maybe it met a girl modem and my boy modem took the girl modem off into the bush to make little baby modems.

Clearly, I’m heavily medicated.

I have such exciting news for me! I’m not going to blog about it until it happens though – so you will all just have to stay tuned.

Meeting Stef the other day was AWESOME! We chatted for hours, drank and smoked and gossiped about all of you, and eventually were dragged apart by screaming kids and pancake – making mothers waiting for each of us. Lovely to meet you, skat – come back soon!

Just a footnote to say that i won’t be on IM until ADSL is sorted. So quick – help me help myself, please!

Happy Tuesday.