Bucket List

Heidi Goose did a blog post on her Bucket List.  I’m being a copycat and doing the same.  Only, I can’t promise I’ll get to 25 so let’s see how far I get…

  1. Go to the Disney Castle and dress like a Disney princess
  2. Have a proper conversation with a real life midget and not freak the fuck out and get shy (also, if the midget would not hump my leg, that would be rad too)
  3. Be a mother to a child who asks me random questions that make me both awkward and proud
  4. Go to a freak show aquarium that has giant fish (I know, I’m totally morbidly curious and weird)
  5. Get drunk in Vegas, forget what time it is, dance with a fake Elvis
  6. Go on a cruise to a country I’ve never heard of before
  7. Buy illegal and pirated products and knock-off’s at a Chinese market, in China
  8. See myself at my own book publishing (it’s about time I finish the book I started 3 years ago, damnit!)
  9. Get a drivers license.  For real.
  10. Find that ever elusive but perfect grey nail polish
  11. Be self employed without financial burden
  12. Have an all-girls international trip
  13. Be sponsored by a whole buncha cool brands like Blackberry, Apple and the like
  14. Be asked to, and turn down, appear on talk shows
  15. Float in the dead sea
  16. Celebrate the New Year in NYC, watching the ball drop at midnight

Ok I’m done.

Odd number! Hurrah!  Gluggie will be so proud.  Naaaat.


  1. cath Jenkin says:

    er 16 isn’t an odd number? lol!

    I have two, NO THREE, additions you hadn’t thought of…

    17. Successfully own a cellphone for a full two years without, in some way, destroying it, flushing it down the toilet or accidentally throwing it out the window.

    18. Successfully eat a meal without dropping half of it down your boobs.

    19. Finally come to terms with one-way signs.



  2. Shebee says:

    …or break a window :/

    Sigh. Am so in the mood to have a speed sms contest with you. But I have lost my Blackberry. I really, sincerely, hope it is on my desk at work.

  3. cath Jenkin says:

    you = fucknut who would lose her boobs if they weren’t attached to her.


    *prays for BB’s safety*

    Although, maybe you should just go iPhone. I’m just saying 😛


  4. Shebee says:

    You know what else doesn’t vibrate, like your iPhone doesn’t vibrate? A ROCK.

    LOL. Okay, I’m going to watch Idols now. Love you.

    Say LOL proudly.


  5. cath Jenkin says:

    For every stupid, smelly boy…there is…a ROCK.

    For every stupid girl who falls in love? There is….a COCK

    *High fives herself for being so charmingly witty and dangerously terrible*

    Have fun.

    Love you x

  6. MeeA says:

    I was goingf to not comment for fear of getting in the middle of something here, but then I figure sod it. i’m sure you’ll deal!
    Kick-arse list you have, Chick. Wouldn’t mind adding a few of those to my own list!

  7. hardspear says:

    I once had a meeting with someone, but no one alarmed me before hand that the guy is a midget. When I walked into his office had a very difficult time trying hide my erm… surprise.

  8. Toadburger says:

    Number 9? Seriously? You drive without it? I can proudly say I’m getting mine on the 23rd… It’s good to know I’m not the only 20-ish without a license. Thanks for making my day!

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