brass ballage


I received a few disgruntled messages on the anal post. The two out of eight received, will be detailed here:

Anon email: “Shebee, I have been reading your blog for a few months now and although I never comment, I want you to know that I will not be returning. You have become somewhat of a role model for young single mothers and I thought of you in a decent light until today. Don’t you realize what you write about is influencial to your young readers?”

Well, Anon, firstly – fuck you for being anon. How effing rude that you can judge me without at least having a lame pseudonym I can lambaste you with and call you by. I mean really, how bloody unoriginal and boring you must be to call yourself ‘Anon’.

Secondly, I am genuinely distressed (well okay, not actually distressed, but a little bit disappointed) that you are so closed minded. Some people really recommend anal, maybe you should try packing fudge before you pass judgement. Never knock it until you try it, I always say! And, if the ‘young readers’ want to stick their thumbs up some blokes bum – who am I to stop them? I can only hope they have the foresight to use latex gloves (I hear its quite smooth up the rectum… okay, I’m only teasing about that. Although I could imagine it would be).

Thirdly, I’ll have you know, my light carries the utmost amount of decency. And if I am truly a role model, well fuck me – that’s a first. Truly, young chicks out there who happen to have kids and apparently read this blog: if you can’t do it with a sense of style and humour, you shouldn’t be a Momma. Simple as vat. In my personal experience, being a mother (no matter how old you are) comes with a pre requisite of having a sharp sense of humour. Or how else are you meant to handle this child rearing kak? Also, if my daughter were still around, I would most certainly not be behaving in a ‘non-decent light’.

Glugster, for once, was rendered speechless. I’m still not sure if he was just shocked or disgusted. But, Glug, one thing I do know is that you share some fondness for my sense of humour, plus you promised me an exotic holiday – I can’t be all that bad, so I’m not too worried about you – I’m sure you’ll find your words somewhere and come back soon. Why don’t you have a look under your desk in the meantime? 😉

I just wanted to address the (slight) over share yesterday. Although, you should know, my blog does come with a disclaimer. If you can’t take me (and my weird and wonderful net friends) with a pinch of salt by now, what the hell are you still doing here? And please, if you have gotten this far through this post, and are still hell bent on telling me off – do it with an ounce of brass in your balls by having a name other than Anon.

Thank you for your anticipated assistance and attention to this matter.

K bye 🙂