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fuck.  fail.

It really kills me that I don’t have green fingers.  If having green fingers were dependent on enthusiasm alone, I’d be the greenest person out there.  See latest evidence of this dilemma above.  What a fail.  Can you guess what that is was?  A cactus, people.  It is was a cactus.

So now it is not only my orchids dying faster than a fart, but it’s every other non-plastic plant living in my house barring the herbs ExMi gave me for my birthday* including my office cactus.  I’d like to take this opportunity to ask you something very serious:


Moving swiftly along, I have to thank DSTV Box Office team.

They provided a morantic date night for Jon and I on Saturday night, complete with candle lit dinner, sexy sweet things and a boat load of credit to our Box Office account so we could sit and gaze deeply into the TV and watch the latest movies on offer whilst holding hands and feeling in love and stuff.

Despite the controversy and conflicting opinions I’ve seen floating around online, Jon and I are super impressed with DSTV’s Box Office service so far.  It’s instantaneous, super easy to set up and really pushes DSTV to a whole new level.  For only R25 a movie, I’d take this service over having to go to a DVD shop any day!  The only criticism I have is that the selection is quite small at 15 movies to choose from, but I’m hoping that as the service gets used more and more they’ll start buying more movies to add to the list so we have a bigger selection.

While we’re on the subject, I’m giving them a 10 out of 10 for their Twitter customer care too.  I’ve had two incidences where I needed help and the guys behind their account had a solution for me in under 5 minutes.  Top notch, guys, it makes me excited to be part of the social media industry when I see brands using it properly.


Speaking of brands, this box of tomatoes right above was delivered to my office this morning.  ‘WTF, a box of tomatoes?  Whyyyyyyyyyyyy?’ was the immediate thought that came to mind.  And then I opened up the envelope to free Nando’s vouchers and a little press release telling me all about the new Tangy Tomato flavour they’ve got going now.  It’s about frigging time, okay?  I can’t handle heat in the spice variety, and even their Lemon & Herb flavours have a bit of a bite, so I’m stoked they’ve added this to their variety outside of peri-peri.

Admittedly, they knew what they were doing when sending a gigantic box of tomatoes, I have had people stopping at my desk all day asking me what it’s all about.  I sound like a rehearsed Nando’s ambassador now, I swear.  Either way, I’m super keen to try this flavour out.  Has anyone out there tasted it yet?  What did you think?

All that’s left for me to do now is decide what to do with all these effing tomatoes.  I wonder if I offer them to Gloria, she’ll let me throw all the soft ones at her first?


One last thing before I go…

Cath & ExMi have been giving me shit all week after I uploaded this photo to Facebook (without the blue censorship, that’s for ExMi’s privacy here):

And the following conversation took place:

Exmi that picture is GHEY.
Sheena Gates Check out Jon’s photobomb though. LOLLLLLL!
Exmi i know. i am DYING.
Cath I’m not worried about the photobomb, I’m more worried about his pants! Sheena, are you influencing your boyfriend’s wardrobe?
Sheena Gates Hahahaha, shut up Cath.
Sheena Gates And, yes.
Exmi i thought so, i just didn’t want to say anything….
Cath Sheena. Please send Jon to me and I’ll get his wardrobe sorted out. I can’t have you doing this to him. He’s too nice and lovely for you to ruin like this. The poor man’s wearing freaking tartan.
Sheena Gates You are such bitches.
Cath No, we just genuinely care for the lovely man who has to live with you. I mean, next you’ll have him wearing mustard breeches or something.
Sheena Gates Those breeches were awesome. Fuck you for never liking them.
Cath Oh come the taboo on…those breeches were about as awesome as a haemorrhoid.

So, to that, Jon and I would just like to express one thing.  And that is this:


* (those things grow like cavities).


  1. Angel says:

    We use the DSTV Boxoffice and like it! I don’t think there are too few movies, we only get to watch one once in a blue moon anyway!

  2. Cath says:

    HAHAHAHAHAH. Dear Jon, I apologise for Sheena’s terrible dress sense influencing your wardrobe. Tell her to STFU and leave you be.

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