Brain box, what the fuck, dudes?

Ja.  So, you all know I’m an insomniac and that I don’t sleep.  Which means I have to watch stupid fucking game shows on tv when Oprah isn’t on.  Not only is it totally lame, its annoying and dumb and monotomous and even worse, addictive.The stupid fuckers make you believe that only special callers get through, so you keep calling and calling and calling, even though they charge you R7.50 a minute. The thing is, well, I could do with the prize money for guessing the other half of what ‘Sea____’ is, you know? I mean, the answers are all in a grid, mixed up, upside down and totally obvious.

What really grates me though, is that the dumbasses that do get through, get the answers wrong. It’s infuriating! I want to chuck a shoe at the stupid chick presenter, and don’t even get me started on the new hindian fellow who raises his eyebrows and checks himself out in the camera reflection.

Anyway, eTV’s brainbox is keeping me up late at night and it must stop! My eyebags demand it. Either that, or they must let me through!

I’ll be over here, in the mean time, being the girl who psychotically chucks shoes and throws tantrums at the TV each time I get cut from the show. R7.50 per minute later…


  1. nash says:


    I’ve been there….although I was drunk so I have an excuse for watching and calling in.

    My problem with the show is that it is replacing b-grade movies thereby depriving me of Steven Segal!

  2. Megg Wilson says:

    Man, also seem to find that one and at first it seems ok till youv’e tried over and over again to get through to guess stupid animal names. Then people phone in and say they see the word Giraph (not Giraffe). So irritating. Glad i’m not the only one.

  3. Nic Roets says:

    Brainbox : Tonights question is “3 x 4”. The choices are 12, 7, -1 and 24. The first 2 callers were incorrect. If you know the answer, please call…

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