Boys vs Girls

I know so many people like me who hate this dating game, so why then do we still do it? It complicates the hell out of a friendship, destroys ego’s, ruins reputations and forces you to act in the most insane ways.

A guy can smile at me and in less than 2.4 seconds my knees cave in, i feel light headed, i get giddy and this annoying feeling in my pelvis just pops out of nowhere – almost as if its having convulsions, while my stomache is hosting a WWF gold belt arena match. This just for a smile. Can you imagine when he offers to hold my hand and just SIT with me?

How lame can you be?

I should blame myself for being such a soft hearted fruit cake, but you know what, fuck it. They sweet talk you into believing that maybe, just maybe, this guy is for real. They inevitably end up being assholes to you in some way or another. So from now on I’m a lesbian. At least with a girl they don’t have a piece of equipment between their legs that does the thinking for them.

You know what, I am sick of men. Im sick, sick, sick. And when I’m not sick, I’m tired. I am sick and tired of their shit.

Men suck.

The End.