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It has officially been two weeks since I’ve worked for myself. It’s been a lot busier than expected, but also quiet at the same time. It’s a different kind of busy – my phone doesn’t stop ringing with potential clients or referrals or leads, which is great. But I am quite unused to the slow inbox and social media notifications which has made me realise that I’ve become far too accustomed to being “busy” by answering mails and notifications. So some adjustment is needed.

And just to remind me why I took this step, Aiden has come down with the plague, two days after Jon and I spent the weekend in  bed feeling very sorry for our snotty selves. I’ve been a stay-at-home-working-mom this week, with an 8 and a half month old almost-crawler. And that almost-crawler LOVES mommy’s Macbook Pro, which means working while he’s around is nigh impossible because he dive bombs his whole body in the direction of the Macbook to try and bang on the keys. No, no, precious – leave mommy’s other baby alone.

I feel like I need a medal today, actually. After a week of restless sleeping, a sick and crying baby who loves to bang on everything, lift everything up, look underneath things and pile other things on top of objects (mostly me), work deadlines and cost estimates to get out, plus a darling friend’s wedding to go to – it’s been a slightly crazy week. But I’m loving it so far. I’m so grateful I have this opportunity.

Shout out to my strange and beautiful and hilarious friend Shelley Pembroke Hartman who got hitched to her lovely Norden yesterday. What an insanely unique and awesome wedding – the hymn had us all acapella’ing I Wanna Know What Love Is. How hysterical.

shelley wedding selfie

TGIF – send all the get better bugs, Aiden and I are still congested properly and not feeling great. Jon breezed through it in 3 days! Lucky bugger.


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