Blood is thicker than water

Yesterday was my moms bday. She hatched precisely 44years ago. For some reason tho, every year this time, I am flat broke, so my present to my mom (once again) was a voucher for a three course meal, any time, out of my kitchen. Gawd I hope she doesn’t want it soon, I will have to think of ways to cook soup in a frying pan.

Last night we all met at a local diner, all 6 of us kids, respective friends of kids, parentals and old timer pals of said parentals. Mom got spoilt rotten with gifts, and a good time was had by all. I got a little too happy with shooters and such, but stayed in hand and didn’t misbehave. Much.

My brothers were on a mission, so my sister and I decided to get out of there while we still had a chance, and after dropping her off, I eventually got home into bed at about one in the morning.

I get a call this morning on my personal cell phone, telling me I left my work cell phone at moms house, and to invite me over for some coffee before work. Once I walk into the family house I see two of my brothers laying on the couch, passed out, stiches holding their respective faces in one piece.

‘WTF is going on here?’ says I. ‘They went out clubbing last night and came home with these faces, Kev wont tell me what happened’ says Mom.

After prodding the older brother awake, and then throwing a glass of water over his head, he gets up (and runs to the bathroom only to chunder into the toilet) and tells me the story the minute Mom walks back into her room.

Apparently, Darryn got a call from my mom around four AM to find out if they were still alive, Darryn merrily answers yes, and that he was about to scoop a sexy girl, so not to worry. Unfortunately the prospective girls boyfriend overhears this and gets mightily upset. The thing was, apparently Dazz didn’t even get upset until the guy accused him of being a mommys boy, taking calls at four am cos he missed a curfew. Darryn (being the size of a 12yr old pimply preteen) challenged him to “take it outside”.

I interrupt Brandon here, by demanding to know why he didn’t stop him, to which he replied, “it would have been funny to watch, why stop the dude – he thinks he’s god?” (I have to say, I do agree with him, Darryn does need to come down a peg or two – his ego is the size of Texas!)

After going outside, and being followed by all the friends (Brandon and sister Cam’s boyfriend, Arthur included) Darryn proceeds to not only connect with the guys chin by means of his fist, but the dude actually falls down, out stone cold! Darryn turns around, grinning wildly with pride and amusement, just as ten other guys jump him and get stuck in. Of course, Brandon being the big brother “couldn’t just stand by and watch” so he got involved “and men went flying” although when the bouncers got involved Brandon did sustain a split lip, until they realised “who he was, being a cop and all”.

They ended up in the hospital, calling out the doctor to sew up split lips and swollen eyelids, but only after they had to find Arthur to drive them to the hospital (Arthur was found cowering under the bar).

As I said, the night was a good success and fun was had by all.

Bloody idiots.