Blogs that went poof!

In order of most noticablility:

  1. I are wearing ve Jean Pant.  I loved this chick.  She was one of my first real blog addictions.  Suddenly up and running, then gone and empty.  So sad.
  2. The Crayola Dude – aka Ekke.  Also stopped suddenly, then contacted via facebook to ask wtf was happening, only to get a random email saying something about someone getting upset and so he was going private.
  3. Wiggly.  Although he’s still around lurking, I do miss his blog something terrible.
  4. Hard Spear – a darling, darling man who introduced me to my current blogging circle.
  5. Coming Clean – although slightly biased, this blog fascinated every fibre inside of me.

Bring back the Golden Oldies!