Bloggirls in Durban

Okay – so I finally pulled finger and decided on a venue for bloggirls.  It will be at Taco Zulu’s in Morningside, my favourite eating place (with cute waiters).  Now, aside from the handful of us that have decided to go, I’m wondering who else will be there.

Also, what will we talk about?  Is there an agenda for these sort of things? If it were left up to me it would probably run along the lines of the following:

12:00 – meet, greet, flash boobs around.

12: 16 – discuss hairdo’s, nail polish, world peace and boob sizes.

12:45 – introduce ladies to Brett, the fabulous waiter I’ve psuedo fallen in lust with.

13:00 – order Mexican, discuss world peace further more.

13:20 – in between mouthfuls of food, gossip about other bloggers – exchange comments of bad hair (Sweets), barfelicious relationships (anglug), being wet in front of James Blunt (BIC), shath household and false accusations and hot nerds

14:00 – exchange email addresses, blog sites and promises to do coffee again.

How distorted is my view, do you think?

Sign up now if you’re keen to join us!


  1. B says:

    do we have to flash boobs??

    My butt cleavage is far more impressive ( in a scary way )

    I havent been to the Taco Zulu before.. Is it nice?? .. or do you just go to stalk “Brett”??

    OK, Enough questions.. gotta work.. bbl

  2. shebee says:

    Leez – dude. Not everything is about you bloody men!

    Cath – in like a chinese take out with veggie springrolls.

    B – LOL! I’ll have you know, Brett likes me back damnit! Hee hee. Its not called stalking if there’s encouragement! Oh, and yes – I shall blow balloooooons for you, m’kay?

  3. Stef says:

    our meeting went very well… i was surprised i have to admit 🙂
    everybody is a bit weird at first… total strangers that you actually know in a random kind of way… and then you just chat man, flashing boobs would definitely help tho… i think we will have to do this at our next jhb meet 😉

    and leave my nasty hair out of it… a real mood spoiler that one!

    wish i could be there!!!

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