Reasons why yesterday was not such a good day for me:

  • It was Monday. Bleh.
  • Leon was off again so I spent over 8 hours talking to……..myself
  • I spilt sugar all over my keyboard. Again.
  • My hair looked like shit, frozen shit. With maggots on it. (maggots would represent the split ends)
  • My eyebrows are in desperate need of plucking, and I have lost my tweezer
  • The milk was sour. Again.
  • I left my lunch at home, so was starving all day. At one point I was convinced that my stomach had digested my spleen.
  • I found out I can actually get off to go for a cape town holiday, but can’t afford it
  • I ran out of petrol on the way home
  • Got home to a pile of bills (See insert) that need paying
  • Amongst them, a lovely little letter from the department of transport saying I owe them 400 fucking rand for a speeding fine, where I was 1km over the limit. Well, ok, I was 21km over the speed limit, but still.

Not such a great day after all.