Bleh blah blah

Nothing huge to talk about today. I am looking for a professional critic to critique my work, though, so if anyone out there in cyberland knows where I can come right, please let me know. Google is useless in SA for this particular department.

My hypno session yesterday was…weird. I felt uncomfortable the whole time and felt like a big fake everytime I opened my mouth. Next mission is to do cranio sacral therapy. Not so keen, but I’ll try anything once in the persuit of happyness*.

Its Friday today. No excitement of the weekend ahead, just plain relief that I get two days off from this hell I call work.

My car is dirty. Anybody offering to wash it in a thong for me? Guys only, dudes. Send me photo’s and I’ll call you, don’t call me.

Oh, please send money. I am broke. Broke broke broke broke broke!

The End.

* I love that movie!