Being an awesome woman. And stuff.

Just had my monthly waxial. Hurt like a motherbitchbastardwhore!  I love my regular chickie, though.  She swears right along side me as she rips the strips off. We die laughing.  Why is it so hard being a woman?  I mean, I know why, but whyyyyyyyyyyy?  Between having an ache in your boobs, period pains and the absolute forced issue of tampons, at this rate I’d trade it all in for penis.  Although I’m not sure Jon would agree.

My feet are covered in blisters too.  Because you know those awesome shoes I told you about from my shopping spree a few weeks back?  The product of me not having any money in my account is that I also have to deal with raw and ugly looking blisters.  Yay, being a woman.

I have a photo shoot tomorrow morning.  For Cleo magazine.  Because I’m one of SA’s most personal bloggers, apparently.  Or something.  Hey – here, have a tampon post!

On Friday I fly to Cape Town after MCing an event here at work.  We’re having a talent show between the aquanauts.  Since the rest of the itteh bitteh entertainment committeh I’m on said that me jiggling my boobs and swaying my right foot at the same time was not a talent, I got nomnomnominated to be the MC instead.  But I’m not allowed to swear apparently.  Readers, you know that means I’m going to floek my fanny off, right?  I’ll be all ‘Hello fuckers & welcome to the annual fucking aqua talent show, bitches!’.  I’m just kidding.

So yeah, MC the event, rush to the Gautrain station, take a train, jump on a plane, pass the birds and land just in time for tequila shots with Suetjie & all her birthday mates.  Busy day!

After that I’ll be lecturing (totally professionally) CPUT students on the art of blogging until Wednesday.  Because clearly I am awesome and a blogger to be reckoned with.  That’s when I remember I’m a blogger, of course.

So all of the above just means that I’ve given myself an excuse to not be around until Thursday, really.

Lets have a conference, guys!  It’ll be all proper and stuff.  Here’s what the agenda should look like:

4pm: Breakfast.  But don’t be late.  If you’re hungover from the arrivals meet & greet, you can maybe (just maybe) push it til 5pm, latest.  But that’s the absolute limit – we’re here for a very serious reason!

7pm: pre-drinks.

9pm: blogger networking, where we will be discussing stuff and things and topics and whatnot.

2am: Macky Dees drive through in convoy (team building!)

3am: break.

What do you think?  Who wants to attend?

PS: I have started drinking again.  Can you tell?

PPS: “Drinking” for me, of course, means I have 2 drinks and pass out.  Cheap date!


  1. cath Jenkin says:

    Snort. Can I lead the first conference session – A real-life case study on how to meet someone who is your twin over the innertubes and then have to defy all rumours that you are scissoring sisters.

    Like, seriously. It would be a rocking lecture.

    Pictures and shit.

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