Being an adult…

On Friday night Jon insisted on dragging me away from my laptop so we could go to dinner and a movie.  I tied up my hair, put on some shoes and pronounced myself ready.  Ten minutes later as we arrived to wait in the queue for parking, I grumbled about this being a bad idea, work needing to be done, not in the mood for people, blah blah blah.

Jon has a miraculous way of turning a blind eye and a deaf ear for things he doesn’t want to acknowledge.  It’s quite annoying, but at the same time – he knows that’s the best way to handle me when I’m in a mood.  Just ignore her until she’s ready to talk, then it’ll all be okay.

We walked into the movie cinema, found our seats and for the first 15 minutes I watched Kick Ass with a long face and didn’t bat an eyelid at the gory opening scene or a few ones after that.  I was determined to savour my grump, embrace the inner sulk and not giggle.  Until I giggled.  All of a sudden, Jon was closer and snuggly and was enjoying my laughter so much that my heart and mood melted until I was properly cheerful once more.  How irritating.

After the movie we took a walk outside for a smoke and I entertained my beloved Jew by narrating the millionty seven teenyboppers outside enjoying their social lives.

“Look at me, I’m 12 years old but I’m determined to walk in these heels”

“Puff, puff, I’m not even inhaling this cigarette but aren’t I so “hip” and “cool” with this smoke dangling from my lips?”

“Oh, see you later guys, my mom’s here to fetch me before my curfew kicks in! I’ll Mxit you after I’ve done my homework!”

They were so loud, and young, and busy, and crowdy.  You know, not once have I ever missed being a teenager.  It as a horrible time of puberty, confusion, hormones and far too many rules and regulations.  Being an adult is way more rewarding and fun.

Especially since Jon and I were both yawning before midnight at the dinner table, after being seated in the corner that was way too loud, frowning at the entertainers use of slang, gaping at the young people’s fashion these days and requesting the waiter to hurry up with the bill so we could go home and get to bed.

Yeah, being old is way more fun. And rewarding.  Um…


  1. meganTS says:

    hehehe. i know that feeling. while sitting at a restaurant a while back a friend of mine was horrified when i pointed out that the scantily dressed underaged skanks we were watching trying to sneak into a club were probably 14 years younger than him.

    Ok, so when i was a teenager, i didn’t have to worry about bills and car payments etc etc, but at least now i can drive where i want, stay out however late i want and not worry about getting carded 😀

  2. Melanie says:

    Hahaha! That’s brilliant! I’m so glad I’m not the only one! We’re the same when it comes to going out, and I wouldn’t trade ANYTHING in the world to go through all that sh1t again. Trying to fit in, puberty, pressure to smoke and drink and act out…no thanks. 😉 Great blog, really enjoyed it.

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