Bad, bad blogger!

I know, I know – I’ve been terribly quiet, I’m sorry. Things have just been so hectic! Had my family up for the weekend, it never ceases to amaze me just how hectic they are. In the last few days we did the following:

  1. Went to JHB Zoo. Have a few blisters on my feet as a reminder. Mein got, that place is enormous! I walked 5km’s in my new grey boots. Not the smartest move ever. Max the gorilla was particularly awesome, though. I got attacked by chicken – it mugged me for my cigarette, I swear to god.
  2. Went to Gold reef City Theme Park, rode on those kiff rocket tea cup things that turned Wokkie a cool shade of green. His nose went so pale, I was in hysterics for at least two minutes after. I even rode a roller coaster this time! Look at me, I am fearless!
  3. Gambled a hundred bucks at the casino, won two hundred and fifty and then lost it all ‘cos I kept pressing the wrong button. Jon spent his money in the kiddies arcade with Wokkie – they earned about a million ticket things.
  4. Went to Bruma flea market – at last! Oh em gee, as flea markets go, this one isn’t the fanciest or the cleanest, but they have EVERYTHING. I was in Bargain-hunting Heaven. Found an awesome pink laptop case, insanely cool knee high Levi sneaker rip-offs.

I had the following conversations:

Dazz: Sheen, who are all these groceries for? Why is there a wooden spoon and knives and forks in this packet?

Me: Shame, because ExMi’s maid’s house burnt down, so Justin and I are sending her some stuff.

Dazz: Um, dude, there’s three giant slabs of chocolate! You can’t waste chocolate on people who’s house just burnt down, they won’t care. Give it to me!

Me: No! If my house burnt down, I’d be pissed if someone didn’t bring me chocolate. Leave the packets alone!


Tiff in Thailand, on Skype: Matt got arrested by the mafia yesterday.

Me: You are shitting me! What the hell did he do? Is he okay?\

Tiff in Thailand, on Skype: Ja, he’s fine. His boss came to rescue him and he is fine and back at work today. I was a bit worried, though. He really does have the worst luck.

Me: “A bit” worried? Dude, you’re lucky that wasn’t me. I would’ve fully expected you to rescue me instantly. Oh my god.

Tiff in Thailand, on Skype: Oh please, he’s alive. Although he did fuck up his foot trying to operate a scooter to make a get away. It was funny as hell when he got home and told me.

Me: Wow. It’s amazing you guys are still so close, I’d hate you.


On another note, my mother wants to join a dating website. I should probably tell you guys, her and Kev are getting divorced. It’s a sensitive subject, which is why I haven’t blogged about it. But it’s been going on for a while now, and yesterday she calls me to find out if I will use my card to pay for her to join “Singles With Kids”.

Is it just me, or does this just reek of freaks sitting at their PC’s naked asking my mother to cyber? And she’s so internet naive that she’ll end up agreeing to do it without having a clue.

Not cool.


  1. Momcat says:

    I agree with the internet dating. Not for everyone. Some have met their soulmates but there are a lot of whack guys (and girls) out there. She should rather join a social group in something she is interested in and see if she can meet like-minded people.

  2. cath says:

    Seriously. I didnt even realise T&M were still together. A little slow on the uptake, me. Please note, that name seems to attract a rut of bad luck #justsayingispeakfromexperience


    love you, you crazy chick X

  3. stalker says:

    You bad blogger indeed I do still read your blog! it was funny and I did go rescue him only it takes me 2 hours to get there!

  4. Angel says:

    Girl, I reckon your mommy’s savvy enough not to be taken for a complete fool- and at least you can’t catch any diseases from cyber sex!
    It sounds like you had a jol with the famdamily.
    And all chickens in Jozi smoke- didn’t you know that!??!

  5. just saying says:

    Max the gorilla died a few years ago. You’d have seen Makokho (I think that’s his name). He’s cool.

    And the chickens there are crazy, you’re lucky you only lost a cigarette, not a whole limb…

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