Baby Bryce.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned a little miracle baby, Bryce Thomas Murray, who was born on the 16.07.09 with Transposition of the Great Arteries. He was airlifted from Margate Hospital to Sunninghill Hospital in Johannesburg where he underwent a 6 hour corrective heart surgery and was in the intensive care unit. Unfortunately, he got an infection on the Mitral Valve and was on huge doses of anti-biotics. His kidneys weren’t functioning properly and he was on dialysis every hour.

Bryce fought so hard for his life every day. He recently went into critical condition & all his organs started to fail, there was nothing more the Doctors could do to help him and he sadly passed away on the 30.09.09.

Lee (mom) & Dovovan (dad) are devastated. Family and friends started a Trust Fund for Bryce to help with all the medical bills as medical aid wasn’t and isn’t covering all the costs – not to mention the traveling expenses as Donovan had to go back to work in Port Shepstone, but was  flying to & from Johannesburg every weekend with Reece (brother of Bryce) to be with his family. Lee had to stay in Johannesburg so she was driving to & from the hospital everyday to be with Bryce while he was fighting for his life…

We would like to continue to raise funds for Bryce & his family – every little bit helps!

So, any donations… big or small would be greatly appreciated.

The account details are:


ACCOUNT NUMBER: 2398 122 034


BRANCH CODE: 1398 28 41

P.S: Please feel free to forward this on…


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