Baboo the barbarian…

STRONG and bulletproof!

STRONG and bulletproof!

A lot of you will know all about my brother Baboo, also known as Brandon.  If you don’t you can read all about his story here, here, here, here, here, and here.

In a few weeks, it’ll be two years since the shooting.  Two years of physio, triumphs, failures, Power Balance bracelet arguments, not enough therapy, love, sibling quality time, phone calls filled with laughter, frustration, pain and love.

Most importantly, love.  And gratitude.  Because you see, despite some mentally insane criminal shooting my brother while on duty to protect his country, despite my brother being paralyzed and learning to walk again, despite him losing his best friend Nero, despite us putting our lives on hold to help him heal and gain his life back, despite everything that happened because of that dark and terrifying day two years ago: Baboo is still alive.

Even though my mom and I are convinced he went through a second puberty (seriously, he is 10cm taller than he used to be.  His moods at one stage were unbearably childish.  He’s also learnt to be naughty and mischevious again – just like a kid!), even through the second puberty I find myself thinking:  He’s still here.  He’s living, breathing, running, jumping, swimming, loving and spreading around his cootie brother germs.

He has a stunning girlfriend who loves him very much, he has a collection of Nike shoes that most athletes would envy, he has a fantastically funny set of new friends, and he has his whole life ahead of him.  Yes, his short term memory is shot, yes his right foot will never be 100% okay, and his big toe doesn’t have skin most of the time because he can’t feel when he scrapes it on the floor, but he’s living.

Two years later, I am still so grateful.

And if you ask him, he’s completely convinced that he’s still bulletproof.

STRONG and bulletproof!


  1. Gina says:

    My brother had just decided to become a reservist when Brandon was shot (one of the first posts I read of yours by the way was when he was released from ICU) and it put the ever living fear of snot into me.
    2 years later and I still shit myself when my brother is on duty, mostly because he also thinks he is bulletproof.
    I take my hat off to all the men and women who give fearlessly for their country!!

  2. Andy Day says:

    the boy is a tough bugger! One of the VERY VERY few dedicated mmbers I have worked with and yes he too is bullet proof, they just an inconvienence and irritant Gates my boy I am proud of you!

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