I had a long, funny post detailing how I ended up walking through the foyer of my building wearing only my bra and a black skirt arriving home from work this afternoon, but I copied the text out of word, closed the program and then instead of pasting what I’d written here, I then copied some link over my post.

I wish there was a function to copy more than one thing to the clipboard.  Could somebody do that for me?  Could you?  Double clip boarding?  Thanks.  Bill?  Open source dudes?  Anyone?

Anyway, so ja, got caught in a rainstorm, drove home in my bra, flashed a truck driver who then drove over a pavement and got pulled over by metro.  The cop couldn’t even ask me for my license because he couldn’t take his eyes off my chest.  I made sure I caught him looking so he would be embarrassed and forget he was on the job, which worked.  Thank god I decided my shirt was too soaked to drive in, so whipped it off not minutes before.

I also drove through a pool of water so deep my car engine started steaming through my bonnet!  Hec.Tic.

Durban thunderstorms.  I haz dem.

Yayyyyyyyy, its Friday!

This is effectively my last post being published out of the bedroom in The Shath.  Sadness.


  1. Amy says:

    You naughty minx, using those chesticles of yours to cause trouble! Ah, nevermind, dont listen to me, i’m just jealous…

  2. Amy says:

    I am doing pretty good i suppose – its springtime, the sun is shining, i continue to breath. What can a girl complain about ?

  3. Stef says:

    you go girl!
    the cop is prolly still walking around with a goofy grin on his face LOL

    so still no liksens skattie??

    have a great weekend 😉

  4. B says:

    Taking off your top while driving is just looking for!

    You just made Berea Rd hawkers very very happy…LMFAO!

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