Avril said it best when she sang “Mobile”.

Start back at this life

Stretch myself back into the vibe

I’m waking up to say I’ve tried

Instead of waking up to another tv guide

Its time now, I turn around

Turn and walk on this crazy ground oh oh

Life all of a sudden has become chaotic.  Every weekend I am booked up, every day I wake up smiling, every night I go to bed exhausted, content and looking forward to the next challenge.  I’m a walking bag of happy barf, seriously.

So I have a new job.  It’s insanely awesome.  Everything I’ve wanted to do since I made the decision of moving here.  It involves writing, site management, fun competition, event planning, dealing with people… it’s a dream come true, only not really because its only a 3 month contract.  I’m hoping this is just a taste of what’s to come. The fun part? I’m in the actual CBD of Joburg.  Fo shizzle, manizzle.  I keep looking out my window to see the District 9 spaceship.

I’m flying to Durban at 0500 hours tomorrow morning.  Yay for seeing my hometown again. Boo for not seeing my boyfriend person over a weekend for the first time since we’ve been together.  I’m sure I’ll survive.  Maybe.  Possibly.  Probably.  I bet you he won’t though.  Cos I’m awesomely missable you know…

I’m typing this blog post of a MacBook Pro, compliments of the new job.  Holy smackballs, dude, how awesome is this computer?! I am in love already.

So, ya, that’s all really.  All smiles and stuff here.


  1. Amy says:

    So what your saying is your walking on sunshine ? Woah oh oh!

    Sorry, dont know the Avril song so i had to relate to something else 🙂

  2. flarkus says:

    It’s a sign of things to come. You love what you’re doing way too much NOT to be noticed for the amazing energy you bring to the job. People will see and pay attention and want that energy in their businesses too.

    Just make sure to keep your car empty (to avoid the smash & grabbers), except for a discretely stashed map book, cos Joberk’s roads are most confussifying.

    BTW, you’re a freak though. Who else seriously LIKES working in Jhb CBD? It’s a frightening circus.

    If I didn’t dislike Macs so much, I’d be highly envious.

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