Attack of the Acronyms


My life is filled with acronyms at the moment.  Acronyms, new faces, new places and new procedures.  And a new laptop.  Do you have any idea how odd it is trying to get used to a new laptop after you used your old one every single day for four years? I hope you never have to.  I’m so tired of making stupid typos and clicking on the touch pad when I don’t mean to.


New outside smoking area. I’ve seen worse.

I’m loving my new work environment and after a week I’m starting to get used to the new personalities.  I’m dead tired in the evenings, which shows that my brain is engaged all day long and by 6pm I honestly believe I can smell smoke coming out of my ears.  Being the new girl sucks, I wish I could fast forward to being old hat again, so that I could be comfortable.  But that’ll come in time, I know it will.  Traffic is AMAZING, guys.  4 mins to work the other day.  Live less than 2km away!  Haha!  After driving a route that took 45 minutes on a good day, it feels like the little baby Jesus gives me a present every single day, wrapped in rainbows and unicorn hair.

No time to blog properly, but wanted to post a quick update to let you all know I’m alive and surviving and smiling.

Bet you can’t name all the acronyms and what they stand for.  If you do, I’ll find a cool prize to give you.




  1. Angel says:

    I am so glad you’re loving your new space! I feel your pain on the laptop front… I had fantastic big, fast machines for five years before I became TCL full time!
    I remember some of those acronyms, but I suppose they can be different depending on the business using them…
    ROP Report on Proposals
    KPI Key Performance Indicators
    STI Short Term Incentive
    JOD Journal Of Development
    ORM Online Reputation Management
    PR Performance Report
    SOW Scope Of Work
    CD Control Data
    PM Performance Monitoring
    GM General Manager
    MD Managing Director
    IT Information Technology
    SM Sales Manager
    CM Credit Manager

  2. Flarkus says:

    Shut the front door right now. Some of us commute 65km to work, trying everything to dodge the Midrand Madness. You are one of the luckiest so-and-so’s everest.

  3. kyknoord says:

    ROP: Really Old Person
    KPI: Kafka Promotes Introspection
    STI: Sexually Transmitted Injuries
    JOD: Jesus Or Death!
    ORM: Oh Really, Mom?
    PR: Penis Rehabilitation
    SOW: Seriously Overweight Watchdog
    CD: Complete Dickhead
    PM: Pre-Menstrual
    GM: Gastric Mumblings
    MD: Mental Depravity
    IT: Incredible Testicles
    SM: Shouldn’t that be S&M?
    CM: Compulsive Masturbation

    What do I win?

  4. Ashleigh Keyser says:

    Hello Tsogo new girl, I’m Tsogo baby! We haven’t met yet but thought I’d say hi and welcome!

    P.S V jealous of your 4min traffic!

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