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Jon continues to surprise me with his sneaky, secretive ways.  For our anniversary I knew he was planning something but I had no idea what.  He kept mum on everything and then when he couldn’t anymore, he threw out a few clues here and there.  Bottom line: by Friday afternoon my curiosity had piqued to a point where I was getting anxious about being so out of control.

At 4pm on Friday a notification popped up with a list of what I needed to pack into a bag.  At 7pm another notification showed I needed to include a few other items.  The next morning at 5am, after unsuccessfully trying to sleep I gave in to the fact that I could no longer stay in bed, so I curled up to Jon and gently shook him awake so that he could spill the beans.  Instead he rolled over, put his arms around me to pin me down and buried his head in my neck and went back to sleep.  A few minutes later another notification popped up to tell me to get ready and then expressed permission to pack our bags into the car.  Followed by another notification an hour later proclaiming “Roadtrip: Somewhere!”.  That sneaky asshole.  I knew we were now going somewhere but I still had no idea where.

Fast forward to a few hours of this:

And then a few more of this:

All the while with Jon doing this:

Irritating, right?  Right.  But also very damn sexy and kind of cool at the same time.  I’d never felt more out of control.  And I kind of liked it too.  Hello, can anybody else say 50 Shades of Grey?  Screw Christian, I have my very own Jonathan!

After a loooooooooooooong while, we eventually pulled over and stopped at a garage.  “AHA!” says I with absolute confidence, “We are going to Sun City.” Only to be met with yet another cheesy grin and a “Nope”.

At the garage, we managed to find a pharmacy to fill up on some of our flu meds, looked at a few of the little stores and laughed at the local signage:

Once back in the car and Jon laughingly announces that we’re half way to ‘there’.  “AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHH!  THIS IS SO ANNOYING!  WHERE ARE YOU TAKING ME?!?!”

Eventually, the scenery changes and the roads start looking a little more rural, a little less tarred and a lot more gravelly.

And then suddenly things started making it a lot harder for Jon to remain mysterious.  But bless him, he tried his best.  For instance, when it became apparent he needed some navigation and a co-pilot, he got out the printed directions, turned his back to me while tearing out the small section which told us where to go and made sure to hand me a torn off navigation list from which I had to read out loud.

Soon enough the road signs became fewer and a lot more rare until finally I knew our destination:

Hello, Madikwe!  Only 10km from the Botswana border!  It had taken us 5 and a half hours, but we were almost there.  Jon knows me so well, I absolutely love Game Lodges.  It’s my favourite kind of holiday.  So my boyfriend, being the wonderful competitive person he is, had to (in his mind) blow every other game lodge experience I’d ever had right out the water in order to win those elusive Boyfriend Brownie Points he’s always after.  And win them he did.


Once we got to the Lelapa Camp of Madikwe Lodge, my mind was blown.  Go to Madikwe’s website to get an idea of what I’m talking about. I have never stayed at such a beautiful place, with such amazing service.  They greeted us with cold face cloths enfused with essential oils and a peppermint water cooler before we even checked in.  They politely took the keys from Jon’s car and unpacked our bags and then moved his car into a hidden car park.  The car looked amazing, by the way, have a look:

And now for the lodge itself!

Just after checking in, which happened in the comfort of a big soft cushion-covered couch, we had lunch.  This is the view from pretty much everywhere at the lodge.  Bush and nature for miles and miles to see.  It’s so quiet you can hear your thoughts.  It’s tranquil and beautiful and exactly what I didn’t know we needed.

Our room was so awesome I cannot even tell you.  They drew us a bubble bath and lit candles and had bubbly on ice waiting for us when we got back from our night time game drive!

The pathway to our room:

What you see as you walk inside.  Lounge to the left, bathroom to the right.

Lounge and coffee area.  Note the filtered coffee, you won’t find instant coffee sachets here!  We also ordered in room service for dinner that night – Silver Service, no less!  Jon and I were amazed.

Our fireplace in front of the bed.  This was too romantic at night time.

The bathroom.  I had as many bubble baths as I could.  Also, it was big enough for the two of us to swirl around in without touching each other.  Just saying.

These are the little touches I was talking about.  Without knowing that you wanted something Madikwe had taken care of it already.  From hot water bottles on the morning game drive to serving Amarula on ice in the middle of the bush in the afternoon game drive.  Beauty, our dedicated housekeeper, was accidentally tipped over 100% more than she usually gets, by the way.  We read the etiquette for tipping incorrectly.  Happy early Christmas, Beauty!

Jon showing off how big the bed is.

The outdoor patio.  Outside shower way up front there.  Awesome.

Smoking area.  Yay!

Splash pool.

Sigh.  I didn’t want to leave.  I haven’t even added in the photos of the animals we saw!  They’re in my camera which is packed away in our bags for Durban this weekend.  The camera, not the animals.  So I’ll upload them to Facebook when I get back on Monday.  Here are a few highlights from the game drives:

  1. Jon nearly got eaten by a male dominant lion.  It came right up to our game drive bus thingie (which was completely open roofed, so if the lion decided to lift himself on his hind legs, totally coulda eaten us.
  2. We saw a baby elephant drinking milk from his momma
  3. There was a poaching on the Thursday night before we got there.  Horrifically, a rhino was killed and then a dominant lion attacked the poachers and was shot and killed too.  Poachers got away.  We saw the carcasses.  It was awful
  4. The next day there was a lion pride fight.  It was amazing.  I got it all on video.  Jon said it reminded him of our boy-cats at home.  I snorted.
So yes.  That was our 3rd anniversary.  It was wonderful.  And Jon and I now enter our 4th year of being together.  Crazy.  I’m very lucky in love.





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