An online treasure hunt!


In the final stages of The Nerdies 2010, 10 bloggers around South Africa have been selected to be part of a sudden show down to readers across the country to win some pretty cool prizes in the form of an online treasure hunt. Up for grabs to the first four lucky treasure hunters:

So how do you win these things? Each blogger will do a post on their site, with clues as to where they’ve hidden The Nerdies Idol inside their blog. 9 of these blogs will have fail Idols. If you come across a fail idol, skip to the next blog until you find the winning idol.

The bloggers are as follows:

  6. [you are here]

Once you’ve been to all the blogs [not all of them will go live at once, keep a look out over the next 24 hours] and found the winning idol, there will be a unique code on that page. The first four treasure hunters to either email me at the code, or DM it to @SheBeeGee if you’re a follower, will win.
Simple huh? Happy hunting!

MY CLUE: Somewhere in here, I tell you about my chinas.  I love them.  So do you, when I write about them.  But where are they all listed?