An analogy that has nothing to do with watching TV.

There are some things in life that make all this hardship and devastation worth it.  Reading, seeing friends, pouring out your heart, speaking the truth, listening to good music, eating delicious food and of course, falling in love are just a few.

Some people say you shouldn’t watch TV as it’s a waste of time.  But who’s time are you supposedly wasting?  Only yours.  And if I were to follow my own beliefs, you only have one life to live anyway, so live it the way that makes you happy. Even if , to others, it seems like you could be doing something so much better – so much more rewarding, if you want to watch TV then fuck it, do so.

If watching TV offends others, or makes them think you’re being ridiculous and wasting your life and energy on something that will not benefit you in the long run, if it makes you happy and feels right, right now, then I think it’s okay to do.

Besides, watching TV is fun and sometimes makes you giddy inside.  Like when you were a kid and one of the adults allowed you to have second helpings of pudding, even though it was late and your energy levels would go for a ball of shit.  Watching TV provides entertainment, allows for some thought and even lets you in on a few things you had no idea about until you started watching.

However, it can also make you doubt yourself, your morals and even who you are as a person.  It can make you feel guilty and selfish and very stupid too.  It can limit your personal growth and discovery and close your mind off to other courses of action.

Especially if the TV you’re watching doesn’t belong to you.

Essentially, if watching TV is one of the few things that make your life a little bit happier, only you can control how it effects you in the long run. Just think carefully about how you should go about watching TV because like with anything in life, there are always consequences.  Like square eyes for example.

*Advice for a friend who knows who they are.  Do you have any to add?


  1. Hardspear says:

    Yea, nothing wrong with watching TV. Suppose it is like everything else – if you are only watching TV and not doing anything but watching TV – yes then it can be a problem.

  2. Briget says:

    Watch what you want.. as often as you like.. as long as it doesnt hurt others around you..

    But if effects those around you.. best change the channel to porn or national geographic till they leave then you can get back to watching what you want.. without them there cramping things..

    Help any?

  3. flarkus says:

    Wow, that actually made me stop and think. I’m one of those who thinks watching (too much) TV is a waste of time. More than 2-3 hours per week is too much IMO.

    But you’ve made me realise that we can’t decide where other people should find stimulation from.

    Ummm, wait… but you’re even deeper than that aren’t you? That’s quite sneaky miss “TV Analogy” 🙂

    As long as you aren’t directly hurting yourself or others by watching the “idiot box”, go ahead, I suppose. Just avoid the Saturday night soft porn, that stuff will give you hairy braincells or something

  4. angel says:

    TV is pure entertainment for me. Maybe not watching the serious stuff like Carte Blanche or the news helps…

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