I am not a morning person. Truly.

Its 7.38 am and the truck on steroids in front of me has decided to turn into the lane on the other end of the freeway.  Said truck takes up our two lanes and one on the other side of the road to do this and then ‘oops’ misses his aim, so has to back up and start all over again.

The taxi rank at the bottom of Moore Road is apalling, honestly.  Hardly any people left, but you can tell there were many judging by the amount of polystirine cups, packets & left over fruit peels lying around the floor, blowing in the trees and swimming down the gutter.

There’s a Berg wind like never before and I feel its force just as I step out of my car, only to be beaten on the left shoulder by my door.  Bloody hell!  The gravel in the parking lot is totally messing with me, too.  Every morning the stones seem to get sharper and more dangerous as I prance around in my heels, so this morning I thought I was clever in wearing my pumps instead, but with me now being level to the stones, they think its okay to jump in with my toes and poke and prod and get stuck and annoy the befuckery out of me while I’m walking up the six flights of staircasing. 

My left foot is still dead.  Its numb where it arches.  Totally numb, I dragged a needle over it last night, weird.  It was like having an epidural all over again, but not.

Anyway.  My hairs a mess, Im wearing an odd outfit, I might have to perform oral flipping sex at this rate just to get some coffee in me, but hey – its Hump Day Wednesday Goodness.  Bring on Friday!


  1. B says:


    so did you get some coffee without having to erm, lol, get down with the tealady?

    P.S. when are you going to install commentluv?

  2. shebee says:

    B – Hehe, no – the IT guy brought me some eventually.

    I can’t install commentluv because I’m not a self hosted domain anymore 🙁

  3. B says:

    Oh no man!!

    thats awful!!

    Something needs to be done about this.. let me check what the skinny is on this..

  4. B says:

    checked it out…

    Its official.. your version of wordpress sucks donkey bum..

    Time to go back to one that works..

  5. shebee says:

    b – okay. lol

    stef – crawling with you babe

    b – okay. hahahaa

    kyk – hmmm. its possible, but not probable.

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