About SheBee & Her Loved Ones

Hi, I’m Sheena. I’m a wife to Jon and mom to Aiden and daughter in heaven, Kiera. I’m a sibling to 6, daughter to 4, friend to a select few. I’m a sporadic blogger, a social media professional and I’m learning to be my own kind of cool parent, writing about my journey along the way. I believe in trusting my gut, googling everything I don’t know, challenging my husband as a hobby and crowd-sourcing health diagnoses way more than I should.


This blog was started as my personal journal on dealing with my feelings and healing after my daughter Kiera died in 2004.  You can read her story here. I’ve left most of my archives behind what with becoming more public and reader-friendly. My raw emotion and thoughts were just too personal to be hanging out on a string for all and sundry to pick off for my liking.

As of this writing I’m a 30-something year old ex-maniac. I’m proudly South African and grew up on the lower South Coast near Durban, but now live in North of Joburg, South Africa. I dropped out of high school at 17, was a mother by the age of 18, experienced the death of my almost 8 month old daughter when I was 19 and finally moved out of home after I was 22. On this blog I’ve also featured things like accidentally hijacking my own car, face-planting in front of my then-hero in the middle of a spar, wearing my slippers, and then my brother, police officer in the canine unit, was shot on duty and paralyzed for half a year before he recuperated beautifully. In losing a child I’ve written thousands of words on grief, fear, acceptance and healing. My healing is a work in progress and so is this blog.

But time heals all wounds, as cliché as that is, I really believe it. I carry my history with pride and like to think it’s shaped me into who I am today. I guess if I didn’t have this attitude I would probably be certifiably insane.  Actually, wait – the jury is still out on that one.

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I used to claim that I’d never marry anyone unless they bore diamonds and a bucket of perfection. But in 2009 I moved to Joburg from Durban and life changed drastically. For one thing, I met my husband, Jon. Turns out that despite thinking certain things were not for me, Jon arrived in my life when I least expected it and bowled me over with kindness, sincerity and love.  I wouldn’t quite call him perfect, because that would be dead boring, but the diamonds he bought me exceeded all expectations. Jon showed me what true love and happiness and commitment and communication and hard work and loyalty and union is all about. We’ve been together since August 2009 and he’s truly my favourite human.

And then we created our son Aiden, the star of this blog and the little dude who rocks our world in completing our perfect family trio. Life wouldn’t be the same without my boys.


I’m blessed with the most amazing friends, near and far. You’ll read about Tam, Goose, Rozz, Angel, Britt, Jess, Megs and others. These girls have stood by me in my very darkest hours, and stood next to me in my very brightest hours too. They have literally packed up our old complex unit house when I was pregnant and on bed-rest, and they unpacked it and drank all the alcohol when we bought our bigger home in early 2015.

I hit the jackpot with my loved ones.

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Welcome to my world.