Aaaaand, the winner goes to?

This months 10 best search items leading to my blog:


  1. little Boys making love to men – oh yes, I’m sure its for research purposes.
  2. Is anal worth it? – worth what? Your integrity of being butt plugged? No. Sorry for you.
  3. fuckywucky – yup, every Tuesday night. In my family, anyway.
  4. nurse "turn around" suppository – Two Words: Fucked. Up.
  5. german oompa band – yeah, they do that. Banjos and everything.
  6. Benefits of being a nerd – there are benefits? What, like medical aid? Pension fund? Be specific!
  7. ex eskom employees – the uncorrupted ones, you mean.
  8. ryan kankowski – he’s mine, bitch, back off!
  9. "i’m horny" – yup, thats what you got hands for, heeyik!
  10. like flies on sherbert – I have no idea how that lead you to my blog, but shit I laughed when I saw this one!


I am offering a prize of a weekend away with the fabulous ME to anyone who owns up to no. 4. Come on, I know you wanna. Second prize for no.2 gets a weekend away with one of my future Cape Flats gangster homies.


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