A VDay post to my man-friend.

I’m always so indecisive when it comes to writing love posts about Jon and I here.  Which is mostly why I used to keep all those posts to the column I wrote for F2F, which I see no longer exists.  Bummer, I should’ve saved them somewhere.  Anyway.  Back to me not wanting to bore you guys with mushy, soppy, love posts.  Here’s one right now.

Jon, my love for you can be explained in the following three ways:





and, 3.  


Can you believe this is our 4th (FOURTH) Valentine’s Day together?  I can’t.  I’ve never even spent a whole Valentine’s Day with someone, let alone four in as many consecutive years.  You’re obviously doing something right, please keep doing it.  And that other thing that you know I love so much.

WHAT?  I’m talking about the way you make me coffee.  So dirty!

In a non-macho serious kind of way, though, I love you very much.  You’re amazing and I’d like to see you every day forever and ever until we’re so old people can’t tell our genders apart.

Love and kisses.



PS: Thanks to the Oatmeal for drawing these cartoons and unwillingly allowing me to pirate them off his website.  He’s awesome.


  1. Cath Jenkin says:

    You mentioned coffee and insinuated other things. You know what I’m going to say.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to my second favourite couple. (Look, bitches, I have to put myself first some time).

    Jon. Since I met you first, you have gone on to astound me, every day. Thank you for loving my friend exactly as she is, and as she should be. X

  2. Jonathan says:

    Aww sweetheart… 😀 A wonderful four years! And I’ll keep “making you coffee” as long … and as often 😉 … as you like!

    And remember: Every time I fart under the covers, I’m just trying to keep you warm. Don’t fight my methane cuddles, enjoy them.
    (also Shamelessly “stolen” from theoatmeal.com 😛 )

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