A thinker post

Ever wondered why you make an effort with someone when you aren’t sure if they’re worth it or not? I don’t often wonder, but I am now.

I make an effort with every single person I meet, be it online, in person, at the shop or out and about with my mates.  I give each person common courtesy and am polite unless the person deserves less.

When I met Andrew, we had read each others blogs for a while before, and had a fair idea of who each person was.  I was cute and cuddly and sweet (har har) and he was an asshole.  He admitted to lying all the time, showed no respect for woman and generally just came across as horrible.  Yet.  When he spoke to me, he was different.  He would hate to admit that, but he was gentle and kind and caring.  When he finally came clean and told me he’d fallen in love with me, I was shocked.  This went against everything his blog stood for.  He was a player in a flashy car, when I met him, he was dating three girls at once.  He loved no one.  Yet here he was professing his love to me.

One of the first questions he ever asked me was ‘why bother with a liar’ to which I replied ‘who says I’m bothering?’ but the truth was, I did bother.  I took hours out of my days at work, home, sitting at friends houses, to talk to him and probe deep into his soul, and he let me.  I got to know the real Andrew, and it both scared and excited us.  Andrew was worth it.  I’ll never regret meeting him or falling in love under such strange circumstances.

Its not always so rosy though, is it?  I mean, aside from Andrew ending up dead, things were perfect for us, but that doesn’t always happen when you make an effort with someone.  Sometimes, you can really put yourself out there and get nothing back.  Or you can get a little bit back, but then just when you think you’re getting somewhere with someone on an intellectual level, they turn around and bite you on the ass.

Sometimes trying to get someone to open up and befriend you back is like drawing blood from a stone.

Sometimes, people just aren’t worth the effort you put into getting to know them.